The Wight Foundation provides grants, based on family income, to attend boarding schools in the New England and Mid-Atlantic Regions. Read below to discover more about the various programs offered to the Wight Foundation Network.



Scholars, Training, Enrichment, and Preparation

The STEP Program is an eleven-month academic program that is part of The Wight Foundation Application Process. STEP prepares students for the academic rigors of boarding school, while allowing The Wight Foundation to further assess the academic abilities of its applicants. STEP has three components beginning the summer prior to students entering eighth grade.

scholars program

The support we give our scholars throughout their four years of boarding school is the crux of our commitment to our young people. Our scholars are visited twice a year by a Wight Foundation staff member to ensure students are taking full advantage of their opportunity. When scholars are home, The Wight Foundation hosts several events throughout the year to encourage networking, personal development, and fun! These events include workshops, trips, dinners, retreats, and more.



college advising program

Scholars are provided an understanding of how the academic, social and extracurricular aspects of their education affect their prospects for College Admission. Wight Foundation Scholars receive:

  • Guidance with High School Course Selection

  • Access to Academic Year & Summer Enrichment Opportunities

  • College Admission Process Counseling & College Application Guidance

college scholars program

Our primary goal is to have our Scholars enter and graduate from college. Upon entering their first year, students are officially considered College Scholars. Some of the resources the Wight Foundation College Scholars have access to include:

  • College Academic Advising

  • Personal and Professional Development Seminars

  • $750 Book Stipend & Annual Financial Aid Consultation

  • Career Guidance and Placement



alumni association

The Alumni Association serves as a one stop resource for mentors, internship opportunities, career counseling as well as a lifetime association with others who share a common experience. The Alumni Association is composed of three distinct groups, College Scholars who are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree, Young Alumni who are recently graduated from college or are enrolled in graduate school, and Alumni, who are established in a chosen career or field. 

parent support group

The Wight Foundation’s Parent Support Group meets regularly and provides parents with assistance in their own transition, as their children go onto boarding school. The Parent Support Group also raises funds to support our scholars. They send care packages during final exam period, hold fundraisers, and more.