College Guidance

University of Virginia, College Tour 2018

University of Virginia, College Tour 2018

The Office of College Guidance is comprised of two programs:

College Advising

Scholars are provided an understanding of how the academic, social and extracurricular aspects of their education affect their prospects for College Admission. Wight Foundation Scholars receive:

  • Guidance with High School Course Selection

  • Access to Academic Year & Summer Enrichment Opportunities

  • College Admission Process Counseling & College Application Guidance

College Scholars

Our primary goal is to have our Scholars enter and graduate from college. Upon entering their first year, students are officially considered College Scholars. Some of the resources the Wight Foundation College Scholars have access to include:

  • College Academic Advising

  • Personal and Professional Development Seminars

  • $750 Book Stipend & Annual Financial Aid Consultation

  • Career Guidance and Placement

Each component works in conjunction with a range of Wight Foundation resources and programs to support Scholars and their families.

To learn more information about our scholars, download our Scholar Profile.