What is STEP?

Scholars Training, Enrichment, and Preparation

The STEP Program is an eleven-month academic program that is part of The Wight Foundation Application Process. STEP prepares students for the academic rigors of boarding school, while allowing The Wight Foundation to further assess the academic abilities of its applicants. STEP offers a full schedule of academic courses during the Summer, Fall, and Spring Components. These include core course of Algebra, English, and Science.

STEP is designed to strengthen critical academic skills, while exposing students to advanced levels of learning. The challenging curriculum of STEP creates a dynamic learning experience. This experience is built on a commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity, leadership ability and a compassion for humanity through the concept of community. STEP encourages students to challenge themselves by taking ownership of their personal growth and development through increased personal accountability.

English Teacher, Frank Niccoletti

English Teacher, Frank Niccoletti


Final Decision Process

It is important to realize that STEP is a part of The Wight Foundation’s application process. Each student is evaluated on his or her individual performance. Important factors considered include, but are not limited to, attendance, academic performance, effort and overall personal growth. Students must be promoted to participate in the Fall Component and must qualify to become Wight Foundation Scholars to participate in the Spring Component. At the successful completion of STEP, students go on to our Summer Immersion Program, where our scholars attend boarding school prior to freshman year to become acclimated to the challenges and adventure of a boarding school education.

The Wight Foundation conditioned me to be able to handle a heavy and challenging workload through the STEP Program. I was given the tools necessary to make sound educational choices.
— Najma Shy, Oglethorpe University '19