Sherley Arias-Pimentel - Canterbury School '19


I am currently a senior at the Canterbury school. I am an active community member as I am a part of the Interfaith Council, Sixth Form Council, Head Proctor, Managing Editor of the School Newspaper the Tabard, President of the Diversity and Inclusion Club, and Founder of Saints on the Hill. Saints on the Hill is one of my most passionate activities on campus. It is a regularly scheduled time and safe place for current students and faculty members to, simply, speak. They are able to share their particular passions or tell a story that has shaped who they are. They also share aspects about them that make them unique and add to the diversity in thought and experience of the student body. We are a community of about 500 people, that is like a village, and my thought is that the more we got to know each other, the closer our village would be.

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